Today’s Tomorrow

Today’s Tomorrow is an conceptual Automotive Infotainment System, presented at the 2013 Automotive Grade Linux User Experience Design Contest, where it won the Best User Experience Award.

Today’s Tomorrow looks at the evolution of interactions in the automotive infotainment system from the simple button and knob car radio to the now complex Multi-modal touch screen and gesture based HMI. It proposes a system that is adaptive, and minimises visual load on the driver, through a clear and functional typography and visual design. To minimise screen glare it features an adaptive screen design, that changes colour and brightness over the time of day. This reduces screen glare and improves contrast. I worked on the concept, design and development of the interface.

I designed the concept, graphics, and node.js integration.

Manas Mantri
Concept Design
Node.js Prototyping 


The concept was built for touch interfaces, and utilised the interoperability of node.js and HTML to work across a range of embedded systems.

Screen Visibility

The high contrast and adaptive interface design, improved visibility at all times of the day and night.

Adaptive Screen Design

How the screens change over the course of the day, and light in the cockpit