Tabula is an interactive multitouch table presented at Connect-D, an open-house exhibition at Tata Elxsi to celebrate the World Industrial Design Day.

As a team of interaction designers, we wanted audiences to learn about new experiential interaction models while engaging with the projects done at Tata Elxsi. We also wanted to give them a glimpse of the how we will be interacting with information in the future just around the corner. So we incorporated multitouch and marker recognition inside Tabula, for people to choose projects they wanted to know more about and interact with it anywhere on the table surface.

I designed the software, graphics and the electronics communications modules. The software was built on a VVV patch which managed the touch library, fiducial marker recognition through the PS3 eye and the AS3 based interface.

Vivek Chawda
Asad Hashmi
Arnab Khound
Aurobindo Nayak
Concept Development 
VVVV touch library development
Fiducial marker recognition
Flash Graphics and Actionscript
Visual Design 
Connect-D Open House @ Tata Elxsi

Project Pucks


Each Tata Elxsi project was represented using a Fiducial Marker or “Project Puck”. Placing the Puck on the table, would bring up contextual information sections regarding that project, and users could browse through the different content using touch gestures.

The puck itself was made out of Balsa wood, with the fiducial marker laser etched below it.


The Table itself was constructed out of ply, using a self locking joinery system. The table surface was made of frosted glass, and an MDF Frame. To compensate for the short length that the projector had to throw its projection, we placed a wide magnifying mirror at 30 degrees. A hacked PS3 eye, captured changes in ambient IR and once calibrated to the room, received the touch inputs and fiducial marker coordinates.