SAP Ganges

Kirana stores comprise 94% of India’s retail sector. Their presence in every corner of the country helps them serve the daily needs of every Indian. With this reach however, has come inefficiency and miscommunication between the supply chain entities, resulting in numerous issues – most affected being the business of the Kirana store.

Ganges is a retail network that optimises the supply chain by bringing about transparency and timely delivery of information to each of the entities. Ganges creates a healthy ecosystem driven by consumer demand resulting in smart and efficient production, that serves the daily needs of every Indian.

I carried out qualitative and ethnographic research across retailers, distributors and manufacturers, and worked with SAP engineering and marketing teams to design the interfaces for FMCG manufacturers, distributors and banks. I also designed the POS system and its android interface. I was also involved in designing the system, taking into consideration the different stakeholders including the network providers and hardware vendors.

Sajid Saiyed
Rakesh Rai
Neelakanthan Padhamanabhan
Abhijit De
Ganges development team
Ethnographic Research
Interaction & Interface Design
CSS and Front end
System Design
POS Device Design
Awards & Media
IXDA 2015—Shortlisted
Open Innovation Awards 2014, Zeppelin University
World CSR Congress 2014—Best Innovation Product or Service
ASSOCHAM Innovation Excellence Awards 2014—Retail
The Times of India
The Economic Times
First Post

Research & Validation

Ethnographic research, and iterative testing was conducted at every phase of the project. I worked with over 30 retailers to understand their habits, processes, and potential for change.

How It Works

SAP Ganges is built around the retailer, his business and his relationship to the larger supply chain. It connects the retailer, distributor and the manufacturer like never before! It is built to bring efficiency, transparency, and trust between all stakeholders.

Other Opportunities

The Ganges network has also given rise to various other opportunities. One of them being banking. Since many retailers do not have bank accounts and since most of their business information is on paper, they cannot get loans from banks.

CPG Solution

The CPG Portal Provides FMCG Manufacturers Realtime Analytics on Sales Data, Promotion Effectiveness, Marketshare of products, Monthly Sales Trends, Stock out predictions and more. This data can be seen from a country level to a store level, to take strategic and tactical decisions.

Distributor Solution

The Distributor Portal allows distributors to categorise retailers, receive purchase orders from them and maintain Payments received, credit owed etc.

POS Features 

The POS application was designed to be simple and easy to understand for retailers. It allowed them to complete tasks, swiftly and efficiently. The Flows were designed to be short, quick and repetitive, for easy recall. The iconography was designed specifically to be familiar to them, and even had familiar features like saving customer credit given out. The onboarding process of POS Devices was also reduced to a 5 step process, making the unboxing and installation a simple task.


The Process was inclusive, iterative and research driven. There was constant feedback from all users and multiple rounds of testing was conducted for usability and technical feasability.