Asian Paints Milo

With ample platforms available today that capture real-time data, the major challenge is how to make this data more relevant for each user’s context. Asian Paints, India’s largest paint manufacturer, approached us to design and develop a real time field-communication tool to help improve impact on sales cycles. Based on an in-depth research and understanding on the dynamics of the dealer and field staff relationship, we created Milo.

Nishita Gill
O9 Solutions (development partners)
Design research
Concept design
Interaction design
System design


Milo is an information & communication interface that leverages real-time data to maintain a healthy relationship between all stakeholders in the sales-supply chain.

The entire system hinged around the 2-3 min interaction between the salesman and the dealer. It therefore became essential that this technological intervention would not hamper this relationship of face-to-face communication. An adaptive system had to be developed for a comfortable adoption.


Milo was deployed as a front-end framework on the Mpower platform to breakdown realtime updates into usable information formats. It was designed to be customisable to each user’s unique preferences and delivered a system that made information ambient-to-actionable.