SAP Health Central

SAP Health Central helps government and non government health organisations in efficiently planning and managing the effective execution of public health programs, and outreach initiatives. It helps authorities collect, store and manage public health records in real time on a secure centralised database. The aggregated data empowers health officials and government bodies to take faster action toward growing health problems.

I worked with the National Rural Health Mission to understand and execute their initiatives in Uttarakhand. I designed the Government-facing and hospital-facing solutions, which gave macro and micro insights on growing health problems and maintain individual records.

Puneet Gupta
Nishita Gill
Ethnographic Research
Interaction & Interface Design
System Design
CSS and Frontend
Media and Recognition
ASSOCHAM Innovation Excellence Awards 2014 (healthcare)
South Asia e-heath Summit Award 2014
Express IT Award for IT innovation 2014, The Financial Express

Research & Validation

We visited health camps organised in villages across Uttarakhand to understand how the field medical team conducted health checkups. Since all diagnosis was done on paper, a lot of information was lost by the time the official record was reported. This also impacted subsidies for further treatment at hospitals.

How It Works

With SAP Health Central, all patients are screened using the Screening Tool on a tablet device. All profiles are linked to an individual’s Aadhar Card or UID, and all data is synced in whenever internet connectivity is found. With this all players remain informed all the time, and can monitor and react without any delay, to contain health related issues. Only aggregated Health data is shared. Personal Data remains encrypted and can only be accessed by the patient’s doctor.

NRHM Portal

The NRHM Admin Portal relevant and contextual information on the health of a particular geography that a particular official is assigned to. The Portal provides up-to-date information about most common ailments, rise in new problems and change in health habits, for faster action to contain health issues. It also shows constant updates and progress of the field health teams.

Hospital Admin Portal

The Hospital Administrator Portal notifies associated healthcare centres of  incoming screened patients who have been referred to that particular centre. All health-related information from the Screening Tool is immediately made available, for faster and more streamlined dispensation of healthcare.

Macro & Micro Filter Navigation

The NRHM administrator portal featured a visual filter-based navigation, that allowed officials across all levels of the hierarchy to browse quickly and view  information on any level of geography desired.