Electro Starship Tour

The Electro Starship Tour is one of the concepts proposed at DesignCamp 2011, organised in collaboration with the EU Region of Southern Denmark, design2innovate, iPower, Tre-For, Dong Energy and Etrans held at the Kolding School of Design, Denmark.

The Electro Starship Tour is an interactive experience for children intended to be implemented in primary schools as a supplement to the education system, making the world of energy tangible for children through a universe of new metaphors. The Electro Starship attempts to engage children through play and to continue the interest of conserving energy by handing out a ‘Key’ – a symbol of the conservation of energy. Through interaction with the Key, the activities in the starship itself, and through conversation in the class room and with family, children develop an understanding of energy, its value and the need for conservation from a young age. With this attitude instilled in them the project endeavours to foster awareness, and conservation of energy, for the present and the future.

Anne Shon
David Austin
Emma Erskine Omigie
Lea Kirstine Møller
Pauline Richard
Sara Hardy
Barnabas Wetton(guide)
Cordy Swope (guide)
System Design
Key Design
Arduino Prototyping

How it Works

The Electro Starship System consists of 3 main components: 

The Bus—an interactive mobile classroom, which will provide the children with the knowledge needed to understand the intangible concept of energy 

The Key—The tangible aspect of a the system, which is their’s to keep and play with after their experience. This serves as a reminder and prolongs engagement.

The Gameplay—The activities in the bus and outside, are weaved into a playful narrative that makes understanding concepts simple and memorable.

The Key

Used to activate and interact with all the activities in the starship, the key was also a toy-souvenir for the children. Its shiny-transparent form encouraged kids, to play with it outdoors, and once the sun went down, it would automatically glow and breathe its own light.


The Key was made from different sizes of polycarbonate shells, and housed the exposed circuitry to show how it worked. Several prototypes were made and tested.


The Key was tested with school children to see how accepting they were and whether they enjoyed interacting with the object. The concept itself was designed with consultations from school teachers.

Concept Report and Outcomes

This document outlines the design of The Electro Starship Tour Concept. It outlines the activities, the construction, and outcomes of the project. To see the report of the Learning outcomes, people involved and range of projects at the DesignCamp 2011, click here.