Intel WoNo

Ethnographic research driven concepts demonstrating possibilities for 4G and WiMAX internet in rural areas of India.

This Project was a design research, validation and forecast project, focusing on scalable Next Generation wireless infrastructure for entertainment in Rural India for Intel. The goal was to develop and qualitatively validate concepts related to entertainment, based on ethnographic and needs-finding knowledge, in rural India and the potential applications and feasibility of WiMAX technological capabilities.

The ethnographic research conducted was a very detailed study on peoples’ concepts of entertainment, as well as their habits and behaviour. The team attempted to deep dive into their lives and empathise with them on a very personal level. Pure entertainment was not the need of the hour but problems lay in a much larger issues like infrastructure for irrigation and weather unpredictability.

Insight from the research showed the television and the mobile phone emerging as the most used devices with one television and at least 2-3 mobile phones per household. Recent availability of cheap Chinese smartphones further opened up possibilities. Thus various solutions were proposed, to incorporate wireless technology in their lives but adhering to the brief, approached them from an entertainment point of view.

The final output included the synthesis of research, and based on insight the team presented flash-prototypes of ideas. Mobiplay is a multiplayer mobile gaming platform, which integrates with the television to provide a rich gaming experience. Users can play games with peers through the phone and even project it on the television if playing at home. Mobiplay also consists of a Marketplace where users can download free, educational and traditional games, contextually curated, to enjoy with peers.


  • 2010


  • Sandeep Mathew, Sara Hardy Graversen, Avni Tanya, Pranav Borgaonkar, Ivan Rodrigues, Girish Prabhu, Beena Prabhu


  • User research, development of interview structure and translation of learnings into the design of the Mobiplay concept.


  • Research: A hybridised ethnographic research methodology introducing a card sorting of various day to day activities into the interview structure
  • Design: Interactive prototype created in Flash