Planetary Weight Machine

Weight as seen on the planets of the solar system

This installation was exhibited at the Kalpaneya Yatre 2010, commemorating the International Year of Astronomy. The Planetary Weight Machine, is an elegant machine, that calculates one’s weight on the planets of the solar system (unfortunately Pluto had to be left out!) and prints out the weights as a souvenir from the exhibition. The exhibit was modelled around an arcade game, and included a slot for RFID tokens to start the machine and the printouts.

The Exhibition ran from November 26th 2010 to December 5th 2010 with Near 8000 Visitors Daily.

Article in The Hindu

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Article in The Times of India


  • 2010


  • Sandeep Mathew, Prayas Abhinav, Me


  • Concept Design & Development


  • Housing: 1/2" MDF Panels and bent ply for the curves, vinyl graphics
  • Electronics A load cell to register weight, 8 7-segment displays to display the weight, a token based RFID System for displaying and printing out the weights, all connected to an Arduino Mega.