New Products for the Indian Household.

This project was intended to enquire into Indian household habits, kitchen tools & processes and propose concepts specifically designed for the Indian Market, for Tupperware.

The project began with studies into kitchen habits and India-specific tools and conditions. Numerous interviews were conducted with housewives of different age groups, and “Day-In-The Life-Of” journeys were gathered. Growing out of the research, were personas of Indian housewives, and their habits in the kitchen. A clear trend could be seen, in the comfort level of younger women in adopting modern utensils from traditional ones, and exploring variations in cuisine. Environmental and Physical conditions were also studied.

Insights from the research we then translated into concepts, scrutinised, and iterated upon. The final concepts proposed were:

The Squeasy. Considering the tropical humid heat India, Salt clumps and hardens, becoming impossible to remove and quite messy. The Salt Shaker, made of flexible silicone, can be crushed and squeezed, to break down hardened salt and ensure a smooth flow of salt.
The Chim2. An attempt to remodel the iconic Indian Hot Vessel Holder better known as the “Chimta”. This concept was more designed to question the modernisation of traditional tools, and their adoption by the younger generations. Encased in Plastic, the Chim2 represents the argument of traditional vs modern, and the iconic vs. the commonplace. The Chim2 proposes an ergonomic design to maximise comfort and grip, It’s jaws are contoured to grip vessels firmly as well as use the rims of vessels for extra support.


  • 2011


  • Silas Grant (Lead), Girish Prabhu (Lead), Me


  • User research, translation of learnings into meaningful concepts


  • Research: Contextual Enquiries and interviews with Housewives,cooking procedures and tools
  • Design: Sketching and 3D rendered concepts on Rhinocerous