Cisco Service Delivery Platform

A flexible modular platform for service providers to create marketplaces for resellers

The Cisco Service Delivery Platform (SDP) is a modular and highly flexible marketplace, that allows Cisco customers to trade products and services seamlessly across their supply chain, customer base, or vendor portfolio.

For example, a Telecommunications Company can setup a marketplace to disseminate data bandwidth, in the form of various plans, and other Value Added Services for all its Resellers, who in turn provide still smaller Data plans for their customers, namely us, for our use. Further, A Satellite Company can have a marketplace for all the Telecommunication Companies it supplies, and so on..

Apart from virtual marketplaces, Cisco SDP integrates with existing ERP, LDAP and other Business Process and Administrative software to ensure smooth operations,and sales.

The Project involved close collaboration between project managers, development teams, and designers, to understand requirements and business use cases, which were then translated into user stories. Based on these stories the information architecture was detailed out through card sorting exercises. Once this was finalised, concepts were created to best suit usability, accessibility based on the Cisco Prime Design Guidelines.


  • 2014-15


  • Mansi Salvi, Me


  • Information Architecture, Wireframe Design, and Interactive Prototypes


  • Paper Prototyping and Axure RP 7.0 for wireframing and interactive prototyping