Adventures at the Creation Center

Various projects created at the Creation Center, Deutsche Telekom Labs


I was invited for an internship at the Creation Center, part of the Deutsche Telekom Labs in Berlin, where I worked on various projects there. Some of them being:

QR Quest: A QR Code based scavenger hunt that utilises the studio space in explaining the design process to managers and participants in the design workshops conducted there. As the name suggests, QR Quest incorporates QR Code tags, which act as connectors and contain information and clues about the hunt. The printed tags are hidden all across the studio space. Each QR Code, when scanned, reveals a clue to where the next code is hidden. Upon finding the space, players need to perform the activity or instructions provided to find the next clue. Each activity is actually a step in the design process and subsequent clues explain to the players, what they just did. The final clue leads to the finished product or service.

Other Projects: I was also involved in various other live projects taking place in the Creation Center, including, an app that guides people who have just moved to Berlin with all the Governmental, municipal and other formalities to get settled in. I also was involved in the development and implementation of a sound interaction application. Apart from these I took part in various internal communication projects like the Creation Center Magazine, an Interactive Christmas Card, and the Creation Center T-shirt.


  • 2012-13


  • Julia Leihener, Andreas Sommerwerk, Stefan Wössner, Reynan Shimada, Nayoung Koh, Helen Van Baal, Mauro Rego & Me


  • QR Quest:Conceptualization, Design and Execution


  • QR Quest: QR Codes printed out, linking to Various Multimedia Hosted on a private Tumblr Webpage.