Popsicle Planes

A glider guide to an adventure into flight

This project was made at the Srishti Toylab. It explored areas such as reusing often useful but discarded objects like popsicle sticks and stationary, and how kids could learn abstract concepts and history, through engaging and practical methods.

At the Toy Lab, efforts were focused on fostering learning through play; not just for children but for anyone. Ideas were sketched physically with materials to understand mechanics and dynamics, which sparked finer ideas and concepts. Sketching and prototyping were almost mixed together to bring out concepts.

The final output came out in the form of “Popsicle Planes!”, a glider guide activity book that explains the concept of flight through the construction of a series of planes. Special emphasis was given to the wing detail and how it affects fight characteristics. The planes were chosen for their iconic status through history, and unique wing designs which gave them different qualities in flight. Another unique addition to the collection was the X-Wing fighter from the Star Wars film series, which not only attempts to visualise its flight characteristics in reality, but also emphasise the role of Science Fiction in pushing our imagination and innovation.

Each page of the book can be removed and examined or used. The stencils guide you on how to cut out the wing, and the simple illustrations demonstrate the attachment to the popsicle stick. Also each model comes with a brief story about the plane and its importance in history.


  • 2012


  • Anders Sandell, Me


  • Exploration into methodologies of play, iterative physical prototyping various concepts, combining learnings and designing the Popsicle Planes Glider Guide


  • Stencil book: made from 380GSM brown cardboard, and digitally printed.
  • Popsicle Planes: Any popsicle stick and any kind of paper! The purpose is to explore!