SAP Health Central

Rural healthcare, through data

SAP Health Central helps government and non government health organisations in efficiently planning and managing the effective execution of public health programs, including their outreach initiatives. It starts with helping authorities collect, store and manage public health records using a modular interface specific to the initiative. This data is stored in real time on a secure centralised database. The aggregated data empowers health officials and government bodies to plan more efficiently and utilise limited resources more effectively. Further, it also integrates with Hospital Information Systems which helps in better diagnostic, treatment and patient care. These records are maintained under the health profile of individuals and can be shared with health centres on authorisation by the individual for a limited timeframe.

Through efficient planning, targeting and monitoring of programs, SAP Health Central helps government and non government organisations improve the delivery of health services and take these services to areas where health infrastructure is minimal or non-existent, thus improving the overall health of the society. Early detection and preventive screening help bring down the cost of curative care.

Article in Forbes Magazine


  • 2013-14


  • Puneet Gupta, Nishita Gill, Sajid Saiyed, Ankita Thomas, The Health Central Development Team & Me


  • User Research, Interface Design of the Administration and Monitoring Portal


  • Concept Design: Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.
  • Development: HTML5 Front end built On SAP HANA Cloud platform.