Electrostarship Tour

An adventure, a key, and a universe of new metaphors!

The Electro Starship Tour is one of the concepts proposed at DesignCamp 2011, organised in collaboration with the EU Region of Southern Denmark, design2innovate, iPower, Tre-For, Dong Energy and Etrans held at the Kolding School of Design, Denmark.

The Electro Starship Tour is an interactive experience for children intended to be implemented in primary schools as a supplement to the education system, making the world of energy tangible for children through a universe of new metaphors. The Electro Starship attempts to engage children through play and to continue the interest of conserving energy by handing out a ‘Key’ – a symbol of the conservation of energy. Through interaction with the Key, the activities in the starship itself, and through conversation in the class room and with family, children develop an understanding of energy, its value and the need for conservation from a young age. With this attitude instilled in them the project endeavours to foster awareness, and conservation of energy, for the present and the future.

Final Projects from DesignCamp 2011

Article From Danish Center for Design Research Webzine 

Article in the Study in Denmark Website


  • 2011


  • Pauline Joy Richard, Emma Erskine Omigie, David Austin, Lea Kirstine Moller, Anne Schon, Sara Hardy Graversen & Me


  • Concept design, electronics, design of the Token and the presentation compilation


  • Key design: moulded plastic shell, reflective plates, white LEDs connected to a board, with LDR, and solar cell and battery.
  • Concept Book illustrating the concept and system.