Deepak is most interested in creating deep-value design that brings people into conscious state of sustained delight.

This approach requires holistic design that seeks to understand stakeholders’ unspoken needs as well as the underlying contextual, environmental and ergonomic factors. He also strongly believes in creating systems and products that integrate different domains of enquiry and also attempt to bring about changes in attitudes and mindsets of people to help solve complex problems.

Whilst conversant with most of the design methodologies associated with UX, Deepak is consistently finding new and innovative ways to investigate and illuminate original approaches and perspectives when standard practices seem to lead back to an overly familiar space.

What Else?

Deepak collects cameras from different eras, with a small collection of about 17 of them. He is fascinated by the shutter, lens and metering mechanisms in each camera that have been designed and refined over the years. It is interesting to see how the the same basic principle has been iterated and built upon in so many innovative ways. He also likes to service, and maintain them himself.

Apart from Cameras, Deepak has taken to mountain biking and trail riding. He loves maintaining his bike to near-perfect noiseless efficiency, and treats it like his child.